Thursday, 25 April 2013

Final Blog!

In this blog I am going talking about my overall stats and what is happening during the week. My page views all time history is 520 views. 244 from that are from last month. Most people viewed my blog through Colin's blog. I can also see that 43% of people viewed my blog using Firefox, 41% viewed it using Chrome, 8% using Internet Explorer and 6% of people viewed my blog using Safari. I also found out that one person from France, Canada and United States viewed my blog. 

I didn't go to this week's lectures but I watched Colin's video on his blog and that way I didn't miss out on anything. I think that every lecturer should do the same thing as Colin and record their classes as it is so handy for revision. I personally hate just looking at and reading notes, I rather watch videos and concentrate on that. 

This is my final blog for this assignment as the 10 weeks are over. We now nearly come to the end of Semester 2. Everyone is so busy with finishing up assignments and studying for the exams. We have 3 final exams so it shouldn't be that bad. It will be all worth it in the end as we will get a long summer. 

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