Thursday, 25 April 2013

Final Blog!

In this blog I am going talking about my overall stats and what is happening during the week. My page views all time history is 520 views. 244 from that are from last month. Most people viewed my blog through Colin's blog. I can also see that 43% of people viewed my blog using Firefox, 41% viewed it using Chrome, 8% using Internet Explorer and 6% of people viewed my blog using Safari. I also found out that one person from France, Canada and United States viewed my blog. 

I didn't go to this week's lectures but I watched Colin's video on his blog and that way I didn't miss out on anything. I think that every lecturer should do the same thing as Colin and record their classes as it is so handy for revision. I personally hate just looking at and reading notes, I rather watch videos and concentrate on that. 

This is my final blog for this assignment as the 10 weeks are over. We now nearly come to the end of Semester 2. Everyone is so busy with finishing up assignments and studying for the exams. We have 3 final exams so it shouldn't be that bad. It will be all worth it in the end as we will get a long summer. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week 10

This week, we only had one lecture as Colin had a meeting during the second one. Colin talked to us about Google Analytics. He showed us how to check how many people viewed your blog, what browser did they use, what country were they from etc. It is our last blog next week and we have to write a blog on our analytics, to see how we got on for the last 10 weeks. 

In today's lab we did not have to do anything in particular so we were all finishing off our assignments. A lot of people were already done their web publishing but came in to finish more of their assignments. I just finished mine today so it's time to start other assignments and more study now.  

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Week 9

This week was our first week back after Easter. We actually did interesting things in Colin's lectures. in lecture one we talked about digital video compression. Colin explained how digital video is a sequence of frames. A cinema uses 24  frames per second. Compression is essential to store a video. We also then talked about the Intraframe vs the Interframe. 
Intraframe - This works on a single frame and tries to reduce the size of the data in the frame.
Interframe - This finds the similarities between frames.
We also discussed the different frames such as the I-frame, P-frame and B-frame. 

In the second lecture we talked about podcasting. Podcasting is like blogging but its done with more than text. RSS is a type of podcasting as it allows people to keep up with news from a certain site without having to continue to go on the site. Podcasts are radio programs that are pre-recorded and people can download them for further use. The 2 examples we looked at are howstuffworks and iTunes.

In this week's lab Colin told us to look at 10 blogs above our names and correct any mistakes that we see.

Mid Term!

Before the mid term I planned out my study for the two weeks. During the first week I did my Web Publishing Photoshop assignment and tried to fit in more study. The second week I watched the Java Tutorial videos I decided that at this stage any help is good. We all received an email about Problem Solving and Programming help. Someone is willing to help us for 2 hours on Fridays and 2 hours on Mondays. I emailed back accepting straight away. 

 Overall the mid term was a good peaceful holiday. I stuck to my plan and did my study and at the same time got to see all my friends back home. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holidays. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Movie Review

 The Impossible

This is a movie about Maria, Henry and their three sons going on a winter holiday. They are looking forward on going away for a few days to a tropical paradise. They celebrate Christmas the 25th with a festive celebration. While relaxing by the pool the next day they hear a loud roar coming from further away. Maria freezes in fear and a huge wall of black water raises across the hotel grounds toward her.

PG-13, 1 hr. 53 min
Drama,Action & Adventure
Directed By: Juan Antonio Bayona
Written By: Sergio G.Sanchez 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Well, assignment 3 was a pain until this weekend. I had to go away for a week of college before the mid term and when I came back everything was all over the place. We could not find the Pre-Campaign report  that we had done so far so we decided it was too late so we split up. Most of the people decided to do the essay but I joined a different group. We have the report written and sent off. All we have to do is wait for Google to reply to us. 
This assignment was so much trouble but hopefully it will go well now as it's very late as it is. 

I was so tied down with getting the assignment 3 ready and sent off and all the other assignments due that I did not get a chance to make a start at my assignment 2. My goal this mid term is to get the assignments that were assigned to me finished so when I come back I can focus on the exams or new assignments.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week 8

This week Colin talked to us about G.I.F and JPEG . 

G.I.F - Graphic Interchange Format . It uses at most 8 bits per pixel so it can only have 256 colors. GIF is more ideal for logos as they only have few colors e.g. The CIT logo as it only uses red and white and a bit of pink where the red and white meet. 

JPEG - This image format is used by digital cameras and most photo-graphical images. This should be used when a lot of colors are used. It would not be suitable for logos as they only use few colors. It is more suitable for normal photographs. 

In the lab we had time to do our own stuff. Most people carried on with their GOMC or worked on their assignments. My group fell apart and I had the choice to write an essay instead or join a different group.